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Below Grade Waterproofing

Protect Your Below Grade Areas in with our professional waterproofing services.

Most buildings today extend one, two or three floors below the surface grade level of the existing structure. Most of these below grade areas and levels are functional spaces, with uses such as parking, office spaces, mechanical and electrical rooms, passageways and tunnel systems and even small crawlspaces. Any improperly installed or failed waterproofing systems at the" below grade" portion of a building or structure,  will have major lasting impacts on your structure as well as severe financial impacts.

Success and durability of a waterproofing project depends on several factors, proper installation as well as design and materials used all play major rolls in proper waterproofing to ensure your project is finished perfectly and on time and will last. 

Why is it imperative to hire an experienced waterproofing contractor?

Because each project is inherently unique, hiring an experienced waterproofing contractor for your below grade waterproofing project is one of the most important steps you will make.

How do you know if the company you are hiring is an experienced waterproofing contractor?

The first thing you need to do is ask for a portfolio of waterproofing projects that the contractor has completed and if there is a list of references you can call. Currently many trades within the concrete industry will list "waterproofing contractor" as a service they offer, many of these companies will sub out to another company that may or may not be as experienced as Bear Flag Waterproofing Services and our team of experienced waterproofer's. 

Aside from having an excellent team of in house "waterproofer's" we will provide you with  all necessary demo, installation , designing stages, products and warranties, and we back up and stand by all our work. We are not finished with a waterproofing project until the project is done perfectly. 

Some of our waterproofing services include :

Under Slab Waterproofing and Lagging Walls
Bridges and Plaza Deck waterproofing
Site Wall Waterproofing
Planter Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing

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