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Bear Flag Waterproofing and Restoration Services

Blvd Medical Wilshire Tower

Helipad waterproofing system

Los Angeles Ca waterproofing project

Boulevard Medical Properties is a large medical facility management company. We recently completed a waterproofing / traffic coating project for their helipad at their downtown Los Angeles Wilshire Tower location. 

Existing waterproofing system was removed


Completed Helipad waterproofing system

Project Scope

  • Remove any peeling or poorly adhered materials. 

  • A primer was  applied as required by the material manufacturer.

  • A urethane Topcoat (Polycoat) was  applied to the entire helipad and sand was be broadcast evenly.

  • A second sealing coat of Urethane Topcoat (Polygard) was applied and allowed to cure. 

  • New epoxy paint designation lines were applied based on existing layout. 

  • All penetrations to system were be sealed as required. 

  • Project site left clean and neat. 

If you are looking for a waterproofing contractor in Los Angeles Ca, please reach out to us for your waterproofing needs. 


Final daytime project photo: 

Helipad paint striping has been applied and system is now ready for use. 

Project completion time 3 working days. 

Photo 2022-08-26 11.55.12 AM.heic
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