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Control Joint Caulking Services in Orange County, CA

Commercial control joint caulking is a crucial service to consider in maintaining the exterior of a building. At times, control joint caulking may be applied to building components that experience less exposure to sun damage and general wear and tear. Explore our comprehensive concrete polishing services.

In most cases, we advise removing existing control joints and replacing them with silicone caulking. Our approach involves skimming over control joints to avoid the need for removing old caulk. However, it's important to note that performing this control joint caulking service without bond breaker tape could lead to joint failure shortly after installation or even cause precast elements to crack.

The reputation of a control joint caulking company holds significance. We ensure that every control joint caulking service adheres strictly to the manufacturer's specifications, allowing us to obtain warranties from the manufacturer. This commitment to quality is one of the ways through which we establish trust with our clients and maintain our reputation in control joint caulking.

Our commercial caulking services encompass a wide range of tasks, from resealing control joints with silicone caulking to wet-glazing curtain walls and windows. Our skilled commercial caulkers are trained to access challenging areas and ensure flawless caulking application.

Control joint caulking orange county ca

The replacement of control joint caulking for commercial structures is just one aspect of the essential maintenance required to preserve the building's exterior.

Due to weathering, the lifespan of control joints can vary between five to 30 years. Factors such as sealant type, building joint movement, exposure levels, and other variables contribute to this variation. Our recommendation often leans towards replacing old control joints with silicone caulking due to its longer lifespan compared to urethane caulking. We believe that for commercial building exteriors, silicone offers an extended lifespan and various other benefits.

We advocate for the complete removal of old control joints and the installation of new backer rods, as opposed to merely skimming over existing control joints. This approach ensures that the new caulking maintains the appropriate width-to-length ratio and allows for maximum joint elongation. Greater elongation typically translates to longer-lasting caulking joints, leading to extended sealant longevity and reduced caulking expenses for property owners. Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements from a control joint caulking service provider, and discover how we can not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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