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Epoxy Flooring Contractor Orange County

We recently completed an Epoxy flooring project in Irvine, Ca. This project required precision timing and a professional approach as it was located in a large apartment community that relied on both of these trash rooms to support the 200+ unit community. Each trash room could only be out of use for no more than 4 days so the timing was tight to get the work done in each room.

We coordinated with onsite management to ensure a smooth work flow and make sure the project was finished on time. Below are a few of the before an after photos.

The management expressed that they were having issues with the turn-ups along the walls in the trash rooms being damaged from the dumpsters being rolled in and out so after we completed the epoxy flooring system install we had custom 16 gauged diamond plate fabricated and installed to protect the walls from the dumpsters that are rolled into them and causing damage.

Overall this project took approx. 3 working days per room and was completed on time with minimal impact on the community residents.

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